Literacy 4 LANTITE is an affordable, efficient preparation method that will help you meet the literacy standard. 

If you just need to brush up on some literacy and test tasking skills, the workshops will cover all the basic content you should know before you sit the test.  This includes spelling, grammar, punctuation, reading comprehension, as well as test-taking strategies. 

If you've been unsuccessful in previous LANTITE attempts, feel you lack the necessary skills to pass, or are not comfortable in group-learning situations, you might be interested in our individual tuition options. I can help you identify where and why you might have gone wrong in the past, and what you need to do to improve.

Whatever your LANTITE needs, Literacy 4 LANTITE can adapt to suit you.

That's the Literacy 4 LANTITE difference.

Stack of Books

I've Got You Covered

6 Years of LANTITE Experience

I have been supporting students with their LANTITE preparation since the exam's inception 2016. I have experience facilitating LANTITE success in all areas. This includes: identifying students' knowledge gaps, as well as teaching grammar fundamentals, spelling, reading comprehension, and exam taking strategies 

Online. On time. Every time.

All workshops and tutoring sessions are conducted online, meaning there are fewer barriers to accessing the preparation support you need.  Attend my workshops from the comfort of your own home! I'll harness my extensive experience in online teaching to ensure you have a quality, convenient, and accessible learning experience.

Practical Group Sessions

My workshops are more affordable than most, and the small class size (a maximum of 10 people) allows you get the attention and support you need.  You also aren't committed to attending multiple expensive sessions. One workshop could be all you need to brush up on the skills.  And when in doubt, you can always opt for more tailored, individual sessions. 

Individual Tuition

Not everyone has the same background knowledge, or learns in the same way.  So, if you've been unsuccessful with LANTITE in the past, and seek more individualised support, I offer one-on-one tutoring.  You can opt for one session, or sign up for a package, depending on the level of support you're seeking!

About Me

Hi!  I'm Dr. Elizabeth Hayes.  I have  Bachelor of Creative Arts (UoW), a Master of Arts (with Merit) (Usyd), a Diploma of Education (English) (UNE) and a PhD in English Literature (UoN).  I have 14 years teaching experience; I worked as a High School English teacher from 2008 - 2014, and have worked as an Academic Learning Advisor since 2015.  In my role as a Learning Advisor, I have spent countless hours helping students prepare for their LANTITE exam, and have become very in tune with what students need, and want, during the preparation process.  I have also developed diagnostic quizzes that enable me to provide targeted support so that students can focus on developing the specific skills they need to  succeed. 

My workshop approach and content is based on my independent assessment of the type of support required by my own University students in the lead up to this exam, as well as the anecdotal feedback they've provided me about the exam style, content and process.  That's what makes this service unique!  

NOTE: My workshops are not affiliated with, or endorsed by, LANTITE or the University at which I am currently employed.